Specialist The Fade

Specialist: The Fade @ WAHL Academy Leeds

(previously Ace of Fades)

For barbers, fading is perhaps one of the most important barbering skills and possibly one of the hardest to perform to a high standard.

Fades are a mainstream style that has been around for years, and due to the styles simple up keep requirements is likely to be a style that remains popular for years to come.

The ability to fade well means the difference between good cut and a great cut.

This course teaches all aspects of this classic barbering technique from the basics you need to know to create the perfect fade with no visible lines and a clean finish to the more advanced technicalities needed to achieve skin fades shading and blending.

This course is a must for anyone who serious about barbering and men’s hairdressing.

Three years experience is recommended, though not essential.

CPD-approved by HABIA, upon successful completion candidates will receive a WAHL Certificate.

  • duration: 1 day, 9.30am – 4:00pm (times approx and subject to change)
  • refreshments: continental breakfast from 9am, lunch & beverages provided
  • cost: £185 fully inclusive (£170 if you bring your own model)
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