seminars and events | WAHL Academy Leeds

wahl_the_fade150Specialist: The Fade
(previously Ace of Fades)
For barbers, fading is perhaps one of the most important skills and possibly one of the hardest to perform to a high standard. Fades are a mainstream style that has been around for years, and the ability to fade well means the difference between a good cut and a great cut. This 1-day WAHL Academy course teaches all aspects of this classic barbering technique, from the basics to the more advanced technicalities needed to achieve skin fades shading and blending.  more info >>

wahl_the_shave150Specialist: The Shave
(previously Traditional Shaving)
The demand for male grooming has been steadily increasing over the last few years leading to a fantastic opportunity to grow salon profits by taking advantage of this expanding market. A wet shave can add an element of sophistication and luxury to your salon and offer your clients a new experience setting you apart from the competition.  more info >>

wahl_solid_foundations_classic_mens150Solid Foundations – Classic Mens Grooming
(previously Solid Foundations)
This 1-day course has been designed to build confidence in newly qualified barbers, it is also perfect for experienced hairdressers who want to expand their skills into barbering or for someone who has been out of the industry and want to refresh their skills before returning.  more info >>

wahl_creative_advanced_gents_150Creative Advanced Gents
(previously Funky Men)
All serious professional barbers and hairdressers know how important it is to stay up to date with styles and techniques, with constant changes to fashion there is always something new to learn and everyone needs a refresh from time to time. Creative Advanced Gents 1-day course is ideal for updating basic skills and learning new techniques such as the Simon Shaw’s ‘famous flick & smack’ texturising method.  more info >>