How We Work

How We Work
We understand that many people are looking for a career change, or otherwise simply have other commitments with which to fit in their training.  This is why we have a flexible programme to meet the needs of our clients; quite simply, we don’t think anywhere else offers the level of flexibility in hairdressing and barbering training.


Flexible attendance
Learners can attend as frequently and intermittently as they like, up to 5 days a week (Tuesday to Saturday, including late Thursdays).  Changing work patterns?  School holidays?  No problem, attend as and when you wish.  From starting your course, you have 12 months to complete, which is plenty of time.


Learn at your pace, not ours
Everyone is different, and we accommodate people learning at their own pace.  Some people need extra time going through theory, some may need to practice on training heads more.  We also accommodate Learners with learning disabilities, including Dyslexia, who again may need more time.


Course durations
Because of our flexible attendance programme and peoples’ different pace of learning, we don’t provide specific course durations.  The time you take to complete a course will be dependant on how you pick things up and how frequently you attend.  As an approximate guide, the NVQ hairdressing course can be completed in approximately 6 full-day lessons, the NVQ barbering course 50 lessons.  Attending an average of 2 days a week, you could complete a barbering course in 6 months – attend more frequently and reduce that time.


Payment plans
For people not in a position to pay for their course in full, we offer a payment plan where you can pay a deposit of a minimum £300, and pay the balance either monthly by standing order, or by paying £40 each time you attend.  If you do however pay in full, you will get access to a second WAHL workshop.


Online resources
All our training resources are available online, so Learners can read and study at home at their leisure, including revision for upcoming tests.  At induction you will be given a username and password, access is available for the duration of your course.